• Hold on to your hobbies.

    Let me re-define what a hobby is for you, it’s something that you love to do and enjoy while doing it. So, why would you want to leave it or stop doing it because of any reason at all. It’s not your natural tendency to stop it. I’m not asking you to fix a hour or two for it. But whenever you’re free, give it time. Even if it’s for a minute, it will do the job. It really helps you feel happy and keeps you healthy mentally.
    Everything’s interconnected. Trust me, your hobbies will teach you more than your real job about life. You start looking at life with a different perspective. And it’ll never be the same as before, for you. Everything will change in just few days. It’ll boost your confidence level and improve your personality.
    It’ll give you power to deal with problems. Since you’re always naturally motivated to do whatever you love. And you always want to excel in your hobbies. So after some time you’ll also want to excel in your academic or business or job life as well.
    Just never stop pursuing your hobbies. Because your hobbies were there when you were sitting alone on the bed in front of that boring wall. It has been there with you in your good as well as your hard times. So, just hold on to your hobbies.

  • Earn big! Help big!

    Hi! So what’s the first thing that popped up into your mind? Money?
    Ahh that’s not the only thing you can help people with. Of course you can help with money as well. If you have earned some knowledge, happiness, experience, and anything you could possibly think of which you’ve earned in your life. Just help others with it. You can make someone else happy with your immense happiness that you have all the time. Maybe you’re the only one helping him or 100th one helping him. In both the cases you’ll make that particular person happy. Boom you helped one person. That’s an achievement. This thing will make you even happier than before. So in a way you helped two people. One – yourself and two – that person.
    By teaching someone some topic you revise it 10 times in your memory!! Isn’t this a great deal? Even if you’re a selfish person. At the end you’re helping yourself only.
    Do you know why so many famous personalities help so much? Because it makes them happy. And of course its addictive as well in some ways. It’s a blessing to help others. And everyone is blessed with it. So help everyone for no reason at all. It’ll make you happier. And I guess that’s the only goal we all are trying to achieve intentionally or unintentionally. XD
    So always Earn big! Help big!

  • The most trustworthy person in this little world is you!

    The most trustworthy person in this little world is you. So just trust yourself. Trust the gut feeling, vibes that you get from a certain person or situation. Don’t listen to anyone other than yourself. It’s you who’s going to decide whether the decision is right or wrong for you. Because in the end you’ll be responsible for the success or failure.
    You came alone in this world. How about just fight alone, learn alone and grow alone? Because the harsh truth is that nobody is going to be with you till the end. No one is going to be with you in the whole process of ups and downs in your life. But still the ones who do, just keep them as close as you can with yourself. These people are gems.
    You’re the best, just keep that in your beautiful mind. You possess the power that most don’t. You just need to figure out your thing. The thing that inspires you the most.
    Believe in yourself. And always remember that you’re the most trustworthy person you know.

  • Do what you want to do!

    Seriously, how many of you really think that I shouldn’t do that because it’s wrong or it’s incorrect according to the superstition, perception, or any pre-registered thinking that you have in your mind. I am talking about all the tiniest things that you do in your daily life from not doing, picking anything three because “teen tigada kaam bigada” to actually choosing your career options. The real thing is that you don’t really need to think about it. Just do it!

    Sometimes we tend to overthink which leads to losing that opportunity to do it. Don’t you worry about failing in it. Because eventually you’re going to learn from it.

    We really need to re-engineer our whole thought process. There’s nothing like failing or falling back. There’s only learning and falling forward. Because even if you fail to do something, you learn from it and you’re one step closer to success. That’s why you fall forward not backward.

    Make mistakes!! The best learning process is achieved by making mistakes. Don’t fear to make mistakes. Just do it!

    There’s a reason why nike has its tag line as “Just do it”.

    Always be grateful for everything and do what you want to do!


    – Naman