Be grateful!

Be grateful and thankful for everything that you have in your life, every minute, every second. I’m not saying this because of the ongoing situation of the pandemic and everything. But it’s high time to be grateful. Look at the universe, you could easily find a blind person, a dumb person or a differently abled person. Don’t you want to be thankful for being perfectly fine?
I know, that there might be infinite things that you don’t have but there are also infinite things that you have. I don’t need to list it for you. For starters, the basic necessity, food; there are endless number of people who are and were hungry for days. This is just the time when the cases of hunger are increasing by the hour. But it has been there for ages. So why don’t we be grateful for now and for our whole life?
Please be grateful, even if you die today, you should be thankful for everything that you had all your life and not focus on the things that you couldn’t put your hands on.
Please try and understand this. This life is really precious and don’t focus on the things that you don’t have and focus on the things you have. Because the desire to own is never ending. So be grateful and thankful and only then, desire for more. First step is to be grateful only then will you be able to achieve other things.
So always remember to be grateful!


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