• Helping is difficult sometimes!

    Helping is difficult sometimes!
    People won’t appreciate it at first. Just like everything you’ve got to practice and keep giving in. As we say practice makes a man perfect. It’s the same for helping and caring. You’ve got to work hard to help others.

    If you want to be successful in helping others, then work hard for it! Only then you’ll be able to help others greatly.

    But in any case, never quit or lose hope. Your desire to help others will make you successful. Don’t you worry about that. You’re blessed! You hold the power and greatness to help others. Just keep this in your beautiful mind.

    You’re God’s child. You’re destined to help and care for people! Let’s work hard and thrive for good of others.
    Let’s pray for more to give more! Be it anything – money, knowledge, happiness or literally anything. Let’s help each other and work for the betterment of this society.

  • Why I prefer to escape reality and dream?

    Hi! Do you like staying in reality? Or do you enjoy being in dreams?
    Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Do these questions matter? Yes, they do.
    So which one are you? Think about it.

    Because I am a dreamer and in turn an optimist. And I personally believe that we cannot go off the beaten path while reflecting on reality. You have to escape reality in order to think outside the box. Because everything you think about in the beginning is already thought by some or the other person as it came into your mind just because it already exists.
    Now, when you get out of reality, you’ll probably think of something that hasn’t been created or invented yet. Always think big. Don’t be afraid to think big.
    You don’t have to pay to think. So, why not think about the greatest? I say think of the greatest.
    You can conquer anything and everything in this world. You just need to think that way. It’s all about the mindset. Always look on the bright side because the dull won’t give you anything but sorrow.

    This is the reason I like to stay in dreams. Think big and you’ll automatically work towards it as you won’t just sit around and procrastinate in that case. There will be a new kind of zeal within you to achieve whatever you think.

    Always remember that what you see today was a dream in someone’s mind at some point.
    So always think big and perhaps beyond reality.


  • What is art and why do I call everything an art?

    Now, pardon me if I say something wrong, but I don’t believe in infiltrating my mind with other’s opinions so I didn’t read other’s perceptions about what art is.
    In my opinion, art is a sentiment, a beautiful thing, a priceless thing. And anybody can do or experience that. You don’t need to be pro to do an art form. You just have to feel it.
    I personally believe that through art, one can channel one’s energy, and express one’s feelings. Each art form has tremendous power. And each type of art has its own unique energy and power. Whether it’s dance, writing, singing, music, or whatever, every art form is inexplicably exquisite.

    Now, what I personally believe is that we should not be tied up with the rules and regulations while making an art. Be free. Release yourself from all bondage and literally fly into your own world of art.

    Even dreaming is an art. You could imagine anything in this world or beyond. There is no restriction. You may imagine yourself as a famous character in a famous film, or you may imagine yourself as a celebrity or maybe anything. You should not be restricted in dreaming. Right? The way I see it, you shouldn’t.

    It’s the same for all art forms, get free and literally do whatever you want. And do it for yourself more than anybody else.
    It is only you who will understand your art to the maximum or perhaps any other person might also understand it deeper. Because sometimes we don’t understand the beauty of our own art. Because when you create something you create it from the perspective of a creator and when you experience it you experience it from the perspective of the audience. That is why at times you are astonished at your own creation.

    So yes, that’s why I believe art is one of the most beautiful things in this beautiful world and why I see it all as an art form.


  • You are lucky if you have seen the bad hour!

    Seriously, how many of you think why is this happening to me only when the bad time comes. You beautiful minds, you’re lucky if you’re facing the bad time.

    Do you know how few people witness bad time? One in a million if you’re at your worst of your life. The worse the situation the luckier you’re!
    The lower you’re in your life, the greater you will rise!! How many people are facing the same situation if you’re at your worst point?
    Veryyy less. Then how come you’re unlucky? How? Seriously, how?

    I say you’re very fortunate if you’re one of those few. And I know very well that you’ll soon come out of that situation. Do you know why? Because I know you’re strong enough to deal with your problems. You’re the strongest! Wherever you are in this marvellous world, I send you greater power! I’m with you!

    Repeat with me, I AM THE STRONGEST!
    Yes, that’s the spirit!

    If you’re at your lowest point, then there is nothing beneath! There’s only up. And you’ll get up and fight because you’re a warrior! I say let’s fight back together!
    Nothing in this world can beat ’til we withdraw. Yes, FIGHT BACK!

    And I know you’ll come out of it as a gem! Actually, you’re a gem, only you’ll shine brighter after this.
    So, always remember you’re lucky if you’re witnessing the bad time!


  • Remember everything!

    Do you know why the educational system is designed that way?
    Because it’s designed so you can remember everything you study. It tests you on a regular basis or at least once every 6 months or a year or you can say once in a while.
    Now, why do you only want to remember things when you’re studying for your exam? Why not remember all the other books that you read or all the other knowledge that you acquired just for fun.
    Why not remember everything you gain?
    This education system has been designed for you to remember. So why practice remembering things until you graduate or school is finished?
    Why not practice it your whole life?
    I say let’s focus on remembering everything we gain in our life. Of course, we won’t remember it all, but can’t we try?
    I say let’s try together! When we’ll try, we’ll know. And if we know the outcome, then we’ll know best for ourselves.
    This education system was designed for the betterment of us. So why not focus on the good points until it changes for the better instead of focusing on the bad points of it.
    Let’s make the best out of it and learn rather than just complaining about it.
    So, let’s try and remember everything we read, watch or experience daily.
    So as you have reached this point, try and remember what you read above and take the first step towards the betterment of yourself!

  • Why you should appreciate other’s work?
    Clause – only if you like it!

    You should always appreciate others’ work, but only if you really like it. This clause is important because if you don’t like it and pretend to like it, then you’re just misguiding that person and distrusting him/her. Now, if you like it, do tell that person or leave a comment because you don’t know what you’re for that person. You might be important to that person. Your one-word compliment or maybe just an emoji could mean the world to them.

    Or even if you’re a stranger to that person, please appreciate it if you like it because, trust me, it means 100 times more precious than receiving a compliment from a known person. I’m telling you, you’ll make that person’s day! You don’t even know how beautiful your energy and vibes are! Do not hold back your emotions. They’re not designed to stay just inside you. Just say it to them. You’ll be surprised to see the happiness in them! 

    And if you don’t know the person you appreciate, then you’re already going out of your comfort zone to compliment him/her. It weirdly takes courage. 

    It doesn’t matter if you’re the first or the 100th person appreciating his/her work, it will have about the same effect. Do you want to know the advantage of it? You make a friend. And I guess that’s the most beautiful thing! 

    Let me share my experience with you guys! So, there are certain people who I look up to and if they’ll just send me an emoji or so, it’ll definitely make my day. I’ll be happy for days! It doesn’t mean that other appreciations matter any less to me but it’s just theirs matter more to me. I cannot call out names because it’ll be embarrassing for them but all I can say is warm thank you to all who appreciate my work! So, always appreciate others’ work!


  • Visual learning is underrated!

    Everyone will tell you how informative and amazing books and written media is. You read and you learn it the best way. Everyone will tell you this same thing. No doubt it’s a great way to learn. But it’s not the only way to learn.

    Visual learning is underrated. You look at a video and the amount of learning you get from it is unlimited. It’s beyond your thinking. If you look around you, you can learn from your surroundings so much just by looking at it. You may learn from them and imitate or it could trigger a particular thought of yours that even you didn’t know existed in your mind. You may come up with some brilliant ideas, moves or anything. The list is endless!!

    Look around yourself and get inspired from your surroundings. Even you don’t know your capabilities and the power of your mind. It may help you discover your hidden powers.

    Read a lot. Trust me it’ll trigger your thoughts in a unique way. Reading and watching are both veryyy important. You may get to know the real value of one by doing the other. They’re interconnected. Just don’t value only one of them because one is incomplete without the other.

    Now, if you believe in visual learning and want to create your own visual learning videos.

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  • This is the golden period of time!

    You’ll never ever get this much time to spend with yourself in your life! Believe me, it’s true! Use it wisely!

    This is the time you can try your hand at every thing you’ve always wanted to. You’re unintentionally living the life of an entrepreneur. They put everything on the backseat, and just focus on their goal they’ve decided to work on.

    You can do this as well right now. Because you’re free. And your professional life is almost shut down or at a long uncalled for pause. At least for students, your schools, colleges are all temporary closed.

    Introspect, spend time with yourself. Talk to yourself. What do you want to do? What do you love doing the most? Try new things every now and then. Your growth will be impeccable. I’m not even lying. You can try it and see the results yourself.

    Unlock your super mind. This is the only time you can do that. Come up with creative ideas, do art or whatever you love. Because after this you’re going to be busy af. Trust me. This is the truth.

    Originality comes from creative minds only. Be creative! You can do wonders. You’re special. Always keep this in your wondrous mind!

    Get this straight in your head! This is the golden time you’ve always been looking for! Peace! 


  • Be grateful!

    Be grateful and thankful for everything that you have in your life, every minute, every second. I’m not saying this because of the ongoing situation of the pandemic and everything. But it’s high time to be grateful. Look at the universe, you could easily find a blind person, a dumb person or a differently abled person. Don’t you want to be thankful for being perfectly fine?
    I know, that there might be infinite things that you don’t have but there are also infinite things that you have. I don’t need to list it for you. For starters, the basic necessity, food; there are endless number of people who are and were hungry for days. This is just the time when the cases of hunger are increasing by the hour. But it has been there for ages. So why don’t we be grateful for now and for our whole life?
    Please be grateful, even if you die today, you should be thankful for everything that you had all your life and not focus on the things that you couldn’t put your hands on.
    Please try and understand this. This life is really precious and don’t focus on the things that you don’t have and focus on the things you have. Because the desire to own is never ending. So be grateful and thankful and only then, desire for more. First step is to be grateful only then will you be able to achieve other things.
    So always remember to be grateful!

  • Introspection is the key to everything.

    Do you have any questions about life? Are you having a problem to understand yourself? Is there any problem in your life?
    Don’t ask these questions to anyone other than yourself. Introspect! And it will give you the answer to your questions that you need.
    I’m not asking you to overthink; I’m asking you to talk to yourself. A subtle step to understand yourself better. Let that sink in.
    Your deepest insecurity and everything you feel low about yourself. Let that sink in. Go deep. Think deep.
    I assure you that you’ll get an answer to everything you asked for. And it may help you with your mental health as well. I’m no psychologist but I say this just on the behalf of my experience. It helped me, might help you as well.
    This universe is very simple and complicated at the same time. It’s upto you whether you complicate it or keep it simple.
    The universe throws hints at you at right moment and it’s upto you whether you get it and cherish it or ignore it and complicate it.
    But hey! don’t worry, you’ll get it when it’s meant to be. I believe in destiny.
    So, always remember introspection is the key to everything.