• Why I prefer to escape reality and dream?

    Hi! Do you like staying in reality? Or do you enjoy being in dreams?
    Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Do these questions matter? Yes, they do.
    So which one are you? Think about it.

    Because I am a dreamer and in turn an optimist. And I personally believe that we cannot go off the beaten path while reflecting on reality. You have to escape reality in order to think outside the box. Because everything you think about in the beginning is already thought by some or the other person as it came into your mind just because it already exists.
    Now, when you get out of reality, you’ll probably think of something that hasn’t been created or invented yet. Always think big. Don’t be afraid to think big.
    You don’t have to pay to think. So, why not think about the greatest? I say think of the greatest.
    You can conquer anything and everything in this world. You just need to think that way. It’s all about the mindset. Always look on the bright side because the dull won’t give you anything but sorrow.

    This is the reason I like to stay in dreams. Think big and you’ll automatically work towards it as you won’t just sit around and procrastinate in that case. There will be a new kind of zeal within you to achieve whatever you think.

    Always remember that what you see today was a dream in someone’s mind at some point.
    So always think big and perhaps beyond reality.


  • What is art and why do I call everything an art?

    Now, pardon me if I say something wrong, but I don’t believe in infiltrating my mind with other’s opinions so I didn’t read other’s perceptions about what art is.
    In my opinion, art is a sentiment, a beautiful thing, a priceless thing. And anybody can do or experience that. You don’t need to be pro to do an art form. You just have to feel it.
    I personally believe that through art, one can channel one’s energy, and express one’s feelings. Each art form has tremendous power. And each type of art has its own unique energy and power. Whether it’s dance, writing, singing, music, or whatever, every art form is inexplicably exquisite.

    Now, what I personally believe is that we should not be tied up with the rules and regulations while making an art. Be free. Release yourself from all bondage and literally fly into your own world of art.

    Even dreaming is an art. You could imagine anything in this world or beyond. There is no restriction. You may imagine yourself as a famous character in a famous film, or you may imagine yourself as a celebrity or maybe anything. You should not be restricted in dreaming. Right? The way I see it, you shouldn’t.

    It’s the same for all art forms, get free and literally do whatever you want. And do it for yourself more than anybody else.
    It is only you who will understand your art to the maximum or perhaps any other person might also understand it deeper. Because sometimes we don’t understand the beauty of our own art. Because when you create something you create it from the perspective of a creator and when you experience it you experience it from the perspective of the audience. That is why at times you are astonished at your own creation.

    So yes, that’s why I believe art is one of the most beautiful things in this beautiful world and why I see it all as an art form.


  • Earn big! Help big!

    Hi! So what’s the first thing that popped up into your mind? Money?
    Ahh that’s not the only thing you can help people with. Of course you can help with money as well. If you have earned some knowledge, happiness, experience, and anything you could possibly think of which you’ve earned in your life. Just help others with it. You can make someone else happy with your immense happiness that you have all the time. Maybe you’re the only one helping him or 100th one helping him. In both the cases you’ll make that particular person happy. Boom you helped one person. That’s an achievement. This thing will make you even happier than before. So in a way you helped two people. One – yourself and two – that person.
    By teaching someone some topic you revise it 10 times in your memory!! Isn’t this a great deal? Even if you’re a selfish person. At the end you’re helping yourself only.
    Do you know why so many famous personalities help so much? Because it makes them happy. And of course its addictive as well in some ways. It’s a blessing to help others. And everyone is blessed with it. So help everyone for no reason at all. It’ll make you happier. And I guess that’s the only goal we all are trying to achieve intentionally or unintentionally. XD
    So always Earn big! Help big!

  • The most trustworthy person in this little world is you!

    The most trustworthy person in this little world is you. So just trust yourself. Trust the gut feeling, vibes that you get from a certain person or situation. Don’t listen to anyone other than yourself. It’s you who’s going to decide whether the decision is right or wrong for you. Because in the end you’ll be responsible for the success or failure.
    You came alone in this world. How about just fight alone, learn alone and grow alone? Because the harsh truth is that nobody is going to be with you till the end. No one is going to be with you in the whole process of ups and downs in your life. But still the ones who do, just keep them as close as you can with yourself. These people are gems.
    You’re the best, just keep that in your beautiful mind. You possess the power that most don’t. You just need to figure out your thing. The thing that inspires you the most.
    Believe in yourself. And always remember that you’re the most trustworthy person you know.