Do what you want to do!

Seriously, how many of you really think that I shouldn’t do that because it’s wrong or it’s incorrect according to the superstition, perception, or any pre-registered thinking that you have in your mind. I am talking about all the tiniest things that you do in your daily life from not doing, picking anything three because “teen tigada kaam bigada” to actually choosing your career options. The real thing is that you don’t really need to think about it. Just do it!

Sometimes we tend to overthink which leads to losing that opportunity to do it. Don’t you worry about failing in it. Because eventually you’re going to learn from it.

We really need to re-engineer our whole thought process. There’s nothing like failing or falling back. There’s only learning and falling forward. Because even if you fail to do something, you learn from it and you’re one step closer to success. That’s why you fall forward not backward.

Make mistakes!! The best learning process is achieved by making mistakes. Don’t fear to make mistakes. Just do it!

There’s a reason why nike has its tag line as “Just do it”.

Always be grateful for everything and do what you want to do!


– Naman


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