• Why I prefer to escape reality and dream?

    Hi! Do you like staying in reality? Or do you enjoy being in dreams?
    Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Do these questions matter? Yes, they do.
    So which one are you? Think about it.

    Because I am a dreamer and in turn an optimist. And I personally believe that we cannot go off the beaten path while reflecting on reality. You have to escape reality in order to think outside the box. Because everything you think about in the beginning is already thought by some or the other person as it came into your mind just because it already exists.
    Now, when you get out of reality, you’ll probably think of something that hasn’t been created or invented yet. Always think big. Don’t be afraid to think big.
    You don’t have to pay to think. So, why not think about the greatest? I say think of the greatest.
    You can conquer anything and everything in this world. You just need to think that way. It’s all about the mindset. Always look on the bright side because the dull won’t give you anything but sorrow.

    This is the reason I like to stay in dreams. Think big and you’ll automatically work towards it as you won’t just sit around and procrastinate in that case. There will be a new kind of zeal within you to achieve whatever you think.

    Always remember that what you see today was a dream in someone’s mind at some point.
    So always think big and perhaps beyond reality.