• Earn big! Help big!

    Hi! So what’s the first thing that popped up into your mind? Money?
    Ahh that’s not the only thing you can help people with. Of course you can help with money as well. If you have earned some knowledge, happiness, experience, and anything you could possibly think of which you’ve earned in your life. Just help others with it. You can make someone else happy with your immense happiness that you have all the time. Maybe you’re the only one helping him or 100th one helping him. In both the cases you’ll make that particular person happy. Boom you helped one person. That’s an achievement. This thing will make you even happier than before. So in a way you helped two people. One – yourself and two – that person.
    By teaching someone some topic you revise it 10 times in your memory!! Isn’t this a great deal? Even if you’re a selfish person. At the end you’re helping yourself only.
    Do you know why so many famous personalities help so much? Because it makes them happy. And of course its addictive as well in some ways. It’s a blessing to help others. And everyone is blessed with it. So help everyone for no reason at all. It’ll make you happier. And I guess that’s the only goal we all are trying to achieve intentionally or unintentionally. XD
    So always Earn big! Help big!