• Introspection is the key to everything.

    Do you have any questions about life? Are you having a problem to understand yourself? Is there any problem in your life?
    Don’t ask these questions to anyone other than yourself. Introspect! And it will give you the answer to your questions that you need.
    I’m not asking you to overthink; I’m asking you to talk to yourself. A subtle step to understand yourself better. Let that sink in.
    Your deepest insecurity and everything you feel low about yourself. Let that sink in. Go deep. Think deep.
    I assure you that you’ll get an answer to everything you asked for. And it may help you with your mental health as well. I’m no psychologist but I say this just on the behalf of my experience. It helped me, might help you as well.
    This universe is very simple and complicated at the same time. It’s upto you whether you complicate it or keep it simple.
    The universe throws hints at you at right moment and it’s upto you whether you get it and cherish it or ignore it and complicate it.
    But hey! don’t worry, you’ll get it when it’s meant to be. I believe in destiny.
    So, always remember introspection is the key to everything.