• You are lucky if you have seen the bad hour!

    Seriously, how many of you think why is this happening to me only when the bad time comes. You beautiful minds, you’re lucky if you’re facing the bad time.

    Do you know how few people witness bad time? One in a million if you’re at your worst of your life. The worse the situation the luckier you’re!
    The lower you’re in your life, the greater you will rise!! How many people are facing the same situation if you’re at your worst point?
    Veryyy less. Then how come you’re unlucky? How? Seriously, how?

    I say you’re very fortunate if you’re one of those few. And I know very well that you’ll soon come out of that situation. Do you know why? Because I know you’re strong enough to deal with your problems. You’re the strongest! Wherever you are in this marvellous world, I send you greater power! I’m with you!

    Repeat with me, I AM THE STRONGEST!
    Yes, that’s the spirit!

    If you’re at your lowest point, then there is nothing beneath! There’s only up. And you’ll get up and fight because you’re a warrior! I say let’s fight back together!
    Nothing in this world can beat ’til we withdraw. Yes, FIGHT BACK!

    And I know you’ll come out of it as a gem! Actually, you’re a gem, only you’ll shine brighter after this.
    So, always remember you’re lucky if you’re witnessing the bad time!