• Remember everything!

    Do you know why the educational system is designed that way?
    Because it’s designed so you can remember everything you study. It tests you on a regular basis or at least once every 6 months or a year or you can say once in a while.
    Now, why do you only want to remember things when you’re studying for your exam? Why not remember all the other books that you read or all the other knowledge that you acquired just for fun.
    Why not remember everything you gain?
    This education system has been designed for you to remember. So why practice remembering things until you graduate or school is finished?
    Why not practice it your whole life?
    I say let’s focus on remembering everything we gain in our life. Of course, we won’t remember it all, but can’t we try?
    I say let’s try together! When we’ll try, we’ll know. And if we know the outcome, then we’ll know best for ourselves.
    This education system was designed for the betterment of us. So why not focus on the good points until it changes for the better instead of focusing on the bad points of it.
    Let’s make the best out of it and learn rather than just complaining about it.
    So, let’s try and remember everything we read, watch or experience daily.
    So as you have reached this point, try and remember what you read above and take the first step towards the betterment of yourself!