• Why you should appreciate other’s work?
    Clause – only if you like it!

    You should always appreciate others’ work, but only if you really like it. This clause is important because if you don’t like it and pretend to like it, then you’re just misguiding that person and distrusting him/her. Now, if you like it, do tell that person or leave a comment because you don’t know what you’re for that person. You might be important to that person. Your one-word compliment or maybe just an emoji could mean the world to them.

    Or even if you’re a stranger to that person, please appreciate it if you like it because, trust me, it means 100 times more precious than receiving a compliment from a known person. I’m telling you, you’ll make that person’s day! You don’t even know how beautiful your energy and vibes are! Do not hold back your emotions. They’re not designed to stay just inside you. Just say it to them. You’ll be surprised to see the happiness in them! 

    And if you don’t know the person you appreciate, then you’re already going out of your comfort zone to compliment him/her. It weirdly takes courage. 

    It doesn’t matter if you’re the first or the 100th person appreciating his/her work, it will have about the same effect. Do you want to know the advantage of it? You make a friend. And I guess that’s the most beautiful thing! 

    Let me share my experience with you guys! So, there are certain people who I look up to and if they’ll just send me an emoji or so, it’ll definitely make my day. I’ll be happy for days! It doesn’t mean that other appreciations matter any less to me but it’s just theirs matter more to me. I cannot call out names because it’ll be embarrassing for them but all I can say is warm thank you to all who appreciate my work! So, always appreciate others’ work!