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The most trustworthy person in this little world is you!

The most trustworthy person in this little world is you. So just trust yourself. Trust the gut feeling, vibes that you get from a certain person or situation. Don’t listen to anyone other than yourself. It’s you who’s going to decide whether the decision is right or wrong for you. Because in the end you’ll be responsible for the success or failure.
You came alone in this world. How about just fight alone, learn alone and grow alone? Because the harsh truth is that nobody is going to be with you till the end. No one is going to be with you in the whole process of ups and downs in your life. But still the ones who do, just keep them as close as you can with yourself. These people are gems.
You’re the best, just keep that in your beautiful mind. You possess the power that most don’t. You just need to figure out your thing. The thing that inspires you the most.
Believe in yourself. And always remember that you’re the most trustworthy person you know.


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